Recently I ran into a problem common to Linux users: trying to get a wifi adapter working. Despite Ubuntu being one of the most popular linux distributions, my particular wifi adapter (like most wifi adapaters) had no drivers for my version of Ubuntu. I tried Ndiswrapper and the Windows drivers, I tried crawling the forums, I even tried getting out the installation cd to see if they have stashed some extra drivers somewhere, no such luck. Feeling defeated, I resigned myself to that fact that I'd probably have to buy one of the supported adapters to get wifi on my desktop.

I was just about to click the buy button when I had a thought: the ethernet connection on the motherboard is controlled by the BIOS so it's pretty much guaranteed to work with any modern operating system. So I bought a wireless range extender with an ethernet port and simply plugged it in. All of the configuration is built right into the extender so I went through the setup and bam, working wifi on Linux.